High Speed Sorting System

Our generic high speed sorting system can be adapted to suit your product inspection. With proven and flexible system design we can quickly develop customized high speed inspection system.

Existing Systems
  • High Speed Screw Sorting System
  • High Speed Pencil Inspection System


RoboVISION is a ready to use vision software application which can integrate a PC based vision system to your robot. It can learn different models of your products, calibrates vision and motion systems, gives you live update about robot status as it runs. With a help of vision and robot numerous challenging application can be addressed in the industry.

  • Automated Palletizing
  • Component assembly
  • Robotic inspection
  • Defect Picking
Segment Checker

Segment checker is a independent software application which can be used to inspect any seven segment displays. During manufacturing of different seven segment displays, there are numerous possibilities that segment may not appear properly for the end user, hence it is becomes important to inspect each segments for its visual display.

Our segment checker can be easily integrated with your software / system to learn and check the segments. Our intelligent image processing algorithm will help you easily learn and setup the segments to be checked.

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