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Smart Camera based vision systems

A smart camera is a self-contained, standalone vision system with built-in image sensor in the housing of an industrial camera. Usually, it contains all necessary communication interfaces, e.g. Ethernet, as well as industry-proof 24V I/O lines for connection to a PLC, actuators, relays or pneumatic valves. Smart cameras are compact systems that usually do not require a PC for operation.

  • It can address a wide range of applications like
  • Presence / Absence Verification
  • Position / Orientation / Alignment Verification
  • Non-contact Poke Yoke
  • Dimensioning
  • Sorting by Color / Size / Shape
  • Inspection of Labels / Packaging

PC based vision systems

In a PC based vision system, Machine vision camera is connected to the PC to transfer the image and PC performs the image processing operation and decision making. PC processing power helps in developing custom image algorithms and also in integrating with other systems. PC based vision systems can also handle high resolution area scan cameras and Line scan cameras.

Sample Projects
  • Automotive Lamp Intensity and Current Inspection System
  • Vision Based Automotive Low Beam setting machine
  • Automotive Instrument Cluster Calibration and Inspection System
  • Automated Submersible Pump Tester
  • Engine Endurance Test System
  • Hydraulic Motor Test System
  • Hydraulic Power Steering Test System

Vision Based Sorting Systems

Sorting Systems are mainly used of inspection of products which are produced in large volumes. This could be a smart camera or a PC based vision system based on need. These systems consists of a conveying mechanism, inspection stations and ejection stations to sort the products based on requirement, usually defective parts from good parts. These systems operate at very high speeds. Typically from 60 per minute to 1500 per minute based on the product need to be inspected.

Sample Projects
  • High Speed Screw Sorting System
  • High Speed Nut Sorting System
  • High Speed Insert Inspection System
  • High Speed Pencil Inspection System

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